Midi skirts are classy and chic and because my fashion icon is Audrey Hepburn I prefer them because it reminds me of her  

Floral,pink,black,red,denim I love them all

1_full-midi-skirt56-700x1032128113-e0b924b223ea4396928f2db045970a77Beautfiful-Pink-Midi-Skirt-Outfit-IdeaFloral-midi-skirt-outfitimagesPastel-Full-Midi-SkirtZE6xLqrUzI3rVv8jXZZOnSddCeleb-Fall-Trend-Floral-Midi-SkirtsMIDI-571Statement-Skirts-For-Fall-Winter-2015-2016-2-700x934ashleynii-colorful-skirtrs_634x1024-150430160523-634.5.Street-Style-Midi-Skirts.jl.043015The-Midi-1midiand my favorite skirt of all time is ….


From me and my cute purple laptop до свидания….


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