Yang Guifei was Imperial Consort Yang also known as as one of the FourBeauties of ancient China,she cherished very much her skin (also had such an interesting story)


One of her favorite routines was with silkworm cocoons


After you boil 20 cocoons you can filter out ceresin and fill a bottle of your preference and voila a new natural toner.


Another use of it is peeling

Place a cocoon on to the end of your fingertip, dampen with warm water and apply. Tone and moisturize afterwards as needed. The cocoons will leave your skin smooth, silky and plumped.


One cocoon can be used 2-3 times.

Cocoons are good for exfoliating make your skin smooth and its very moisturizing too.

You can find it online and buy it)


From me and my cute purple laptop 再见…..




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