I see all these time girls with flawless makeup so I did my research and saw some tips that I liked and want to share with you


1.Apply lip balm around the eyes and the smile wrinkles it helps to skin to breathe later you can put your makeup as you wish.


2.Put base makeup product around the nose, the lips and the areas that concern you. Don’t forget to wear always sunblock (not only it helps for the sun but if you apply it in combine with pearl capsule it can keep your face tight all day).


3.For the spring and the girls that dust irritates your skin (product that build your immunity will be helpful) foundation is the key for all the makeup so sun cream primer is the best for it. Then take the highlighter and make dots on the forehead the cheeks and the chin after this apply it with sponge gently. Make dots around the eyes too with concealer andddd do your routine…

From me and my cute purple laptop na shledanou! …..


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