H&M returns with fresh and stylish line “City Diaries” many street styles have already some pieces from this line….

But here are some that I chose for you and me ) Enjoy and follow …!!!

Off-the-shoulder blouse€9,99
Short skirt€24,99
Jacquard-weave jacket€49,99
Embroidered cotton dress€39,99
Jacquard-weave clutch bag€24,99
Sleeveless jumpsuit €39,99
hmprod (1)
Satin playsuit €39,99
hmprod (2)
Sandals with tassels €69,99
hmprod (3)
Swimsuit €29,99
hmprod (4)
Bikini top €14,99
hmprod (5)
Straw hat €12,99
hmprod (6)
Earrings €7,99

I am waiting your responds …

From me and my cute purple laptop na shledanou! …..



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