Gucci Garden a collection that collection that smells flowers and make us to travel in colors with butterflies …. i am so into this collection it’s my thing)


Have a look at this different colorful world of Gucci

01_158399660194-gguci_0-xxlarge_trans++IAF5B8AoSpPsTtRUFcYs_Rv7LRMNW1N1aPJUqhD7omAGARDEN_08_023GARDEN_13_060-800x470-1467145537-1Gucci-bags-12images (1)images (2)images (3)imagesTTBReviewGucciFlora-Scarf1

Street Style - Paris Fashion Week : Day One - Haute Couture F/W 2016/2017

y (1)y

Tell me your opinion….


From me and my cute purple laptop byee! …..



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