I saw recently something that i want to share with you….

Most of us know Tibet from Dalai Lama and  their different style…(of course their history too ) and the movie 7 years in Tibet )

But if we see closely to their textiles and printings and colors all of us will say how divine are they….

They using all this colors together and mix it with their colorful jewelry , the result is different but beautiful

8beafa220d4a5da743110b20c38bff5b9fc349d2e49a516fbecdc4aa2492614e58aedf1696d6d68d8dc300e1ae652ca1449418d1220dc49300a6e1d856df3026cca600e4103dfa7e1ef7e4f7e710243cchina-tibet-culture-horse-fashion_1c20620c-597d-11e6-8032-7fbe78900359images (1)images (2)images

I don’t know but i believe this is just art !

And i hope that if i will ever be able to design properly this will be my project..

Oh and please advise me some shops for textile in Dubai

From me goodbye Guys …


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