Hair Botox new trend

I heard this today, as i was searching some treatment for my hair i saw in a spa salon Hair Botox i will explain what is this new trend that everybody in Hollywood is already doing it... What is this? No it is not botox like the face that you are thinking . The … Continue reading Hair Botox new trend


Hair fall/winter 2016/17

Hello today I want to show some pictures of hair trends, colors and styles.... I thought 💭 that every girl when it comes to her hair it is a very sensitive topic...We dye them cut them and we do all sort of things... So winter is coming and for lot of us is a time … Continue reading Hair fall/winter 2016/17


It is girly sexy and stylish of course it is difficult some of them but we have to try it Double Braid by Carli Bybel Crown braid by Loepsie Fishtale Braid by Meghan Rienks French Braid by Luxy Hair Greek style Braid by Pose I hope i helped and gave you ideas From me and my cute purple laptop γειααααα…. … Continue reading Braids