BB and CC creams

I am obsessed with BB CC creams okkk with CC creams more ... They are perfect for the day not so heavy and very fresh .. I tried some and i have my favorites and those that i regretted that i bought.! Favorites Not very thrilled Of course it is my opinion.... From me and … Continue reading BB and CC creams


Khaki nails ?

Hi Guys Nails girls a very essential beaute for us ....what color to do them ?how to cut them or let them grow?Acrylic ?Gel?Natural? Of course it depends from our preference.... But today i saw  this khaki nails and i loved it .... Enjoy and watch some ideas....okkk the very long ones is not really my style ) … Continue reading Khaki nails ?

Product of the month March

Yang Guifei was Imperial Consort Yang also known as as one of the FourBeauties of ancient China,she cherished very much her skin (also had such an interesting story) One of her favorite routines was with silkworm cocoons After you boil 20 cocoons you can filter out ceresin and fill a bottle of your preference and … Continue reading Product of the month March