Facial massage tools

With time our faces is getting aged , our first expression wrinkles coming and  than you know the countdown is started but with so many facials and masks and creams we can help it but again it is not enough.So i found something very interesting that we have add it to our everyday routine and … Continue reading Facial massage tools


Tibet style

I saw recently something that i want to share with you.... Most of us know Tibet from Dalai Lama and  their different style...(of course their history too ) and the movie 7 years in Tibet ) But if we see closely to their textiles and printings and colors all of us will say how divine … Continue reading Tibet style

BB and CC creams

I am obsessed with BB CC creams okkk with CC creams more ... They are perfect for the day not so heavy and very fresh .. I tried some and i have my favorites and those that i regretted that i bought.! Favorites Not very thrilled Of course it is my opinion.... From me and … Continue reading BB and CC creams

Ithaka my favorite Hotels

Hello Guys you sent me some emails for Ithaca Greece and Voila  ..... So first of all lets begin with this beautiful Island. The island of Ithaca is among the most picturesque islands in Greece. The strict architectural design and the rich vegetation are its main characteristics. Vathy, the capital, is amphitheatrically built around the sheltered … Continue reading Ithaka my favorite Hotels